Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fast Food banned near Schools

I registered my son for preschool today! It was so exciting and a little bitter sweet. My baby is going to a real school next year! It's hard to believe. We got to meet his new teacher and she even took him to the classroom. He seems much more excited than he was when we pulled up. We stood outside for awhile waiting for him to be comfortable.

When we drove away, I looked for a fast food restaurant-which was nowhere to be found. I was happy about that! Here's why:

FROM ABC: Local authorities closed down the first fast food restaurant in London for being located too Close to a school. New rules are going into effect in London in an attempt to fight
Childhood obesity.

The restaurant in Leytonstone, in East London, was accused of breaking new rules which ban hot food outlets near schools, parks or playgrounds. The ban also covers take-out restaurants that are within 300 yards of each other and puts a limit on total numbers of restaurants in the center of town.

The town council says they had to implement the ban to fight childhood obesity and because too many fast food joints were popping up around the community. One million British youth are expected to be obese by 2010.

Clyde Loakes from the Town Council said, "They wanted us to do something. they wanted us to specifically to say enough is enough, close these places down, come up with some policies
that will enable you to do that, and that's what we've done. we're not going to tolerate them near schools, parks, playgrounds, youth centers, for a whole range of issues, not least because we're really concerned around obesity and our young people."

Is there a fast food restaurant by your child's school? What do you think about that?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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