Monday, April 6, 2009

Can you eat colored Easter Eggs?

This is a picture explaining why my five-year-old was up late last night. Yes, we colored some festive eggs. He said they were beautiful when we took them out of the food dye. He absolutely loves hard boiled eggs. So now we have a ton of them and I am asking you, "Can we eat the colored eggs?" I assumed they were fine to eat. So I gave him one for breakfast. After taking off the blue shell, we quickly realized the entire egg was blue, not just the shell. This did not look appetizing to me and my son gave me the funniest look (so I am sure he was thinking the same thing.)

Now we have all these beautiful eggs that are pink, orange, blue and yellow all the way through. What is a family to do? According to my friend google, they can be eaten if the dye is non-toxic. I guess I will be digging through the trash looking for the box tonight. Has anyone else had this dilemma? Do you eat your colored hard-boiled eggs? This is kind of a breakfast emergency, so please let me know!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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