Friday, March 27, 2009

Syphilis Outbreak

If you have a child in the tween/teen years, you might want to print this story off and hand it to them. You can tell them to inform their friends if you don't want to accuse them of having sex. When I was in high school, the promiscuous people were worried about Herpes and AIDS. I don't even know if I ever heard anyone say the word Syphilis. I wonder if this is a new trend? What did your high school friends worry about when it comes to STD's? On second thought, just forward them this link: NewsAnchorMom. The picture I just found is enough of a warning for most kids. Disgusting!

FROM CNN: Health officials say it's a disturbing trend. So, they are warning parents now: talk to your teens before it's too late. If Greg Hearstsill shows up at your house consider yourself forewarned. "Nobody like to see me walk up on their porch."

Heartsilll is a disease intervention specialist for the Oklahoma County Health Department. His job is to inform people that they may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. "But there is good news and bad news about that. The bad news is you may be some contact with an STD, but the good news is at least they can do something about it."

He says this latest outbreak of syphilis among teenagers means more needs to be done to reach this population. "I don't think they get the education they need to know about or the responsibility that goes along with having sex."

The state department of health says the disease may be arising from teen group sex parties. "I think that unprotected sex is really what is the problem and what may fostering the spread of these diseases."

So tonight a warning for parents and especially their teenagers: If you are having unprotected sex, sex with multiple partners, you may be at risk for other syphilis and other serious STD's.

Health officials are trying to spread that message hoping Greg Heartsill won't have to knock on your door.



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