Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morning After Questions

I got these questions from a NewsAnchorMom reader. 

"I wonder are these pills covered by a child's parents insurance, or are they just handed out at school like free?
What ages does this begin?

What tests have been used, possibly to prevent these meds from hurting say, a teenager, with a kidney, heart, or other disease? If they are given out at school and some health matter occurred, would that teacher or school be liable?
I am interested in this subject."

Thank you.

I talked to Planned Parenthood today. They said the morning after pill is covered under some insurance companies, making the cost anywhere from $10-$70. If you are over 17, you do not need a prescription. Therefore, you cannot bill insurance. The FDA puts drugs through a serious of tests to determine whether or not they are approved to go on the market. As far as anyone at Planned Parenthood knows, schools are not handing out this pill like some have handed out condoms in the past. You can find more information by going to:

I hope this helps!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


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