Monday, December 29, 2008

Push to Vaccinate Kids

There's more of a push to vaccinate kids. Here's the latest:

FROM ABC: The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated the childhood vaccination schedule. A yearly flu shot is now recommended for all children aged six months and older, and the Academy is now calling for a second dose of the rotavirus vaccine to protect children against the leading cause of severe diarrhea.

The Academy also published a special article in response to concerns from parents about the safety of vaccines. It says that parents should not delay vaccinations or withhold vaccines from their children.

A large study previously found no additional health risks for children who received vaccines. Children who don't receive vaccines on schedule are at an increased risk for catching infectious diseases.

Young children who aren't vaccinated can also suffer severe injuries and even death. Before the pneumococcal vaccine became part of the schedule in 2000, there were an average of 200 deaths of children under five, every year in the US.

Source: Published in Pediatrics, the Journal of the American Academy of

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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SallyN said...

Oh puh-lease... I'm still not going to give a 2 month old (let alone newborn) a Hep-B vaccination.

(For the benefit of readers who haven't read my opinion on vaccines here yet... I'm mostly in favor of the concept... just not the (in my opinion) aggressive (over)loading of immature immune systems. Especially when all ingredients of the vaccines have NOT been tested in the total loads that are being applied.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but no matter how many studies are done, I do not believe that there are not health risks to vaccinations. My husband and I were vaccinated but our 15 month old daughter is not and will not be! I feel that vaccines may not cause illness in children but I do believe that vaccines aggravate and worsen an illness that a child may be prone to. I have researched vaccinations and read many articles about vaccinations and what bothers me is that the media is very quick to report the studies that disprove the link between illnesses and vaccinations, but it is difficult to find an article or report that investigates the ingredients in vaccinations or the how the vaccinations are made. This is what convinced my husband and I not to vaccinate. It is repulsive and I encourage every parent to research it and make a healthy choice for you and your family!

Knight in Dragonland said...

Ahhhh ... the fear of getting wet from a water-filled thimble while swimming in an ocean.

Our bodies are bombarded by foreign antigens from the moment we are born. Beginning immediately and progressing over the first days of life, the skin, mucosal surfaces and GI tract of newborns are colonized by dozens of different bacterial and fungal species. Each of these organisms has hundreds if not thousands of separate antigens to which the newborn immune system, barring some rare immunodeficiency, is fully capable of responding. The idea of "overloading" their immune system with vaccinations (each containing only one or a few purified bacterial or viral antigens) is completely and utterly ridiculous. The concept is Flat-Earther level nonsense.

Those who choose to delay vaccination or not to vaccinate their children at all endanger not only their own children, but every child they come in contact with ... including mine (which is just one of the many reasons this idiocy appalls and angers me so much). You live in a mystical fantasy world where these dreadful diseases no longer exist. Except for smallpox (and hopefully soon, polio ... if the vaccinophobe Luddites don't ruin it!), these diseases ALL still exist. The only reason that they are relatively rare is BECAUSE OF VACCINATION. If the percentage of the population that is unimmunized rises above a certain threshold, we will start to see the spread of these diseases again.

Anonymous said...

If your child is vaccinated, then why would you worry if they were around children who were not vaccinated. Because according to you, vaccinations will protect your child from illnesses. If your child is going to contract an illness or disease, they are going to do it whether they are vaccinated or not! Vaccinations are not 100% So it is your idiocy that appalls me that you judge me and my child when your child could contract a disease from another vaccinated child just as easy as your child contracting a disease from my child.

Anonymous said...

Um, okay. Does anybody read the vaccine inserts??? The flu shot isn't even recommended for children under 6 years old and that is only on ONE insert. The rest say either 8 years and up or adults 18 years and older.

Knight in Dragonland said...

No medical therapy is 100%. Some children may be properly vaccinated, but because of natural variations in our immune response, may not be protected. These failures are fortunately relatively rare. Most vaccines protect 90+% of the population if they receive the recommended dosing schedule. If everyone is vaccinated, this failure rate is well above the threshold to eliminate many of these pathogens from the population. It's only when the herd immunity is weakened by non-vaccination that those who are properly vaccinated become endangered.

The recent mumps outbreak that centered in Iowa is a classic example. Non-vaccinated carriers brought in the illness, which then spread to other non-vaccinated and under-vaccinated persons. A few fully vaccinated persons were caught in the crossfire.

The injectable influenza vaccine (TIV) is recommended - and has been thoroughly tested - for those age 6 months through 18 years, those age 50 years and above, and everyone in between that is a healthcare worker, has a chronic medical condition or is a caregiver for a child under 5 years. There is also FluMist, the nasal spray flu vaccine (LAIV), but it has a more limited age range (2 yrs to 49 yrs) and some additional restrictions (e.g. contraindicated in asthma).

Seriously ... you're going to have to do better in your campaign of misinformation. These blatant lies are fact checked away within seconds after a Google search.

Anonymous said...

Knight in seam so knowledgeable and your profile says you are a pediatrician.....Could you please enlighten us on what substances are in a vaccination and how vaccinations are made?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it is funny how A Knight in Dragonland can post comments on every post in this blog about vaccinations but when asked to share critical information about vaccinations, he has no comment. I really hope it is because he is pleading the fifth and not because he doesn't know the answer to my question but chooses to inject children with poisons, chemicals, and foreign DNA anyway!! Hmmmmm!?!?!?

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