Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tech Friendly Families

From ABC: Today's families are busier than ever and many resort to technology to stay in touch. Researchers say those high-tech methods of communication are working.

Today's families are going hi-tech! more than ever, parents and children are using cell phones, texting and e-mails to stay connected. But according to researchers from the University of Toronto, for most families, new technologies don't adversely affect family bonds. And many of the families who took part in the survey said sending texts and e-mails actually helped them stay connected during busy days.

And with oil prices finally falling, you'd hope to see some lower prices at the grocery store. But don't count on it. And it could be due to a phenomenon called sticky prices. Companies slap higher prices on the products you buy, to help cover rising oil costs. Then, after the drop at the gas pump, consumers rarely see a drop in prices. So, if you're tired of paying too much on everything from a box of cereal to a loaf of bread, it may take a while to see any relief come your way.

And it turns out biking and walking aren't just good for your health. A new report by a group called "rails to trails conservancy" says funding for biking and pedestrian infrastructure could save the u-s economy billions of dollars. proponents say new demand for these projects is growing, in part, because of the benefits they provide to communities and the environment.

I just started texting and sometimes it does come in handy. My son got my old phone wet and it stopped working. For some reason, my replacement phone ended up having a key board. I thought I might use it sometimes, but I ended up using it every day. And my son thinks it's really cool. He shows his friends my phone and says, "Look my mom can text now!"

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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