Sunday, October 26, 2008

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Winner UPDATED 2X

Update 10-28: It's the Grys family's big day! The family is expected home around 2:00p.m. today. They will drive up in a limo. A bus will be between them and their new home. Then Ty Pennington will scream "Bus driver, move that bus!" The bus will pull away and Ty will take the family inside. You can still go to the site. There are shuttles that will take you from Sears on Court Street to the Grys home. However, I am sure a lot of people showed up early this morning. I guarantee you it's packed right now!

I got to do a live shot at the site last night for the 10p.m. news! Lead builder Melanie Spurgeon talked to me about what it has been like working for a network T.V. show and building a house in just a few days. She said one of the designers, Michael, came up to her when she was having a lighting problem. She said she was all animated and getting upset and he was comforter her. She looked over someone was filming the scene. Ahhh! She says it was embarrassing, but they asked her to just be herself and act normal. That is what they are getting! If you haven't seen the home yet, I recommend you go out there. It is gorgeous! We won't be able to show the inside of the home until the episode airs on ABC sometime in January(tentatively Jan. 11th). We did see crews bring in a water therapy pool for Jake and we know the builder did some unique things to the home to make Jake more at ease. Thank you Extreme Makeover Home Edition and thanks especially to Director G.T. who has helped us out so much. He couldn't be a nicer guy!

Update 10-26: I got to meet the Director of Extreme Makeover Home Edition this weekend! He is a very nice guy. He says he is usually out of town for 12-14 days and then home for a couple weeks with his wife. He is not someone you see on the show, but he is at the construction site for around 12 hours a day! He says Ty Pennington gets hounded everywhere they go. I believe it! I am still wondering if Ty will be available for an interview before The Grys' house is complete. It sounds like Ty's manager keeps him busy!

The house is coming along beautifully. I love the nine foot cathedral ceilings and the arched doorway! The builder-Melanie Spurgeon-really has outdone herself! I am headed out there Monday to see the progress. I can't believe anyone can build a house this fast. It took my builder about 6 months!

Congratulations to the Grys family from Pekin, Illinois! They are getting a brand new home thanks to ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This is the first time the show has ever come to our area. I talked to Jean Grys last week and she was so worried about today. I am so thrilled for her and her family! They spent so much time preparing videos and getting pledges with the hope they would be one of the few families nationwide to win! They did it! Jean said she didn't want her name mentioned on the news until after the winner was announced. She just didn't want anything to jeopardize her chances. I don't blame her!

Her son, Jake, has Osteogenesis Imperfecta-a brittle bone disease-and dwarfism. His limbs are very weak and the Grys family desperately needs a new home to accommodate him. I am sure it helps that Jake has a wonderful personality. He's one of those kids you want to see when you're down in the dumps because you know he will make you smile.

Stephen and Jean Grys have been foster parents to more than 250 children. They have four children besides Jake. Their other children are involved in helping the community as well. Oh and Jake is adopted. How wonderful that this family found each other!

Congratulations Grys family!!! I can't wait to see your new home that will be built in just one week. That's crazy fast! I cry every time I watch the Extreme Makeover on Sunday nights. When this episode airs, I will need more than one Kleenex!

There are already some great comments on my station's website HOI NEWS.COM

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Anonymous said...

I cry when I watch the show as well. You have a good, caring heart.

Anonymous said...

This show is amazing! I always have a few tissues close by because I am so touched by what they do. I will need the entire box when the Gryses episode airs. I am originally from Pekin. My family has known the Grys family for many years. said...

I had someone say to me today they only watch the last 10 minutes of the show and they still cry. It is a tear jerker-in a good way! I am hopeful I will get to meet up with the family when they get back! Of course, I will blog about it. I just looked at the plans for their new house-Wow! Amazing!

Jenny said...

I am so glad they were chosen to receive this!! Jake seems like such a special little guy. I tried to help by linking the petition on my "myspace" as well as had ladies from my message board sign it!! I am glad there was enough support to bring ABC here! Too exciting!

Jen..where did you find the blueprints to the house? said...

I don't think the blueprints are on-line anywhere, but I will find out. I got the info from one of our reporters.

That is so wonderful of you to help them get on the show!

Nikki in canton said...

I have watched the show since it first started and i dont miss an episode unless beyond my control. Recently my children got into watching it with me and we all sit cuddled on the couch watchin these houses be built for families very deserving. My children and I wish that they would come build us one of them awesome homes, lol. I love that this show has come to tv and i love to watch it very much and to think what this show is teaching my children as they sit with me on sundays... amazing! Keep up the good work Extreme Home Makeover!! Congrats to this family and all families helped by this!!

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