Monday, September 8, 2008

Is tagless baby clothing really best?

You have to see this picture. This little girl's mom says she got this horrible rash from wearing tagless baby clothing by a popular brand. It looks like a bad allergic reaction. How common is this? Z Recommends posted about this and 31 moms responded. The problem seems to be a chemical in the Carters tagless clothing.

I do have many Carter's tagless onesies and have never had this problem. One website says it's only in 2007 clothing. That's what I have. I wonder if it's a certain shipment or something because my son does have sensitive skin.

One mom talks about an issue that happened with her daughter on this blog. It is very graphic. I am shocked to see the extent of this reaction.

And Nature Mom also posted about this.

Here's what one mom said: "When I changed him the next morning, I attempted to remove his pajamas and pretty much freaked because as I took off his pajamas, the skin on his upper back came off with it. It was weeping a brown fluid and as I examined the garment, it was evident that the wound fluid had VERY specific demarcations - it was only on the "tagless" carters' 9-month transparent label."

I will certainly be looking into this issue. Have any of you had this problem? Has anyone seen a news report about this or is it just circling the blogs?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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Melody said...

My daughter has a lot of 2007 Carters tagless clothing and I have not seen anything like that. I am curious... did they wash the clothes prior to putting them on their children?
My daughter has broken out only once from clothing and it was because she leaked through her clothes at a mall and I purchased an outfit and put it on her without washing it first. said...

The blogs I read all said the clothing had been washed and the moms even tried different detergents thinking that was the problem. It sounds like it took several weeks for the rash to get so bad that it looked like an outline of the tagless tag on the baby. That's when the parents realized the problem. I read the same story on multiple websites. Again, I haven't found an actual news story on this. I need to call Carters and find out if it's a certain shipment or something.

mama said...

We have a few 2007 Carters tagless clothes, and never had a problem... My daughter has somewhat sensitive skin (we can only use certain disposable diapers)... Since I've never heard of this (I must read a different blog circuit), and I know quite a few moms all over the country, I'm guessing that this is very rare.

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