Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you Faithful in Marriage?

Have you every dated someone or are you married to someone who has been unfaithful? Do you think they were born to cheat or is it something they learned from a friend or family member? At least one group of researchers say they have found the answer.

From CNN:

What causes men to be unfaithful to their spouse? Nature vs. Nurture? A new study suggests that biology could play a role in a man's inability to commit. Swedish researchers studied more than 500-twins, their genetic makeup, and their romantic relationships.

They found a certain gene determines how strongly men bond with their partners. The scientists admit there's more to relationship than just genes. They say other environmental factors have a significant impact on behavior. "This work focuses on men, but it may apply to women. We don't know."
"Males with a single or double copy of this gene, you are less likely to form a committed relationship. From an evolutionary perspective, that may be an advantage if you were more likely to have several women, you would spread your genes more widely."

What's your take on this? I tend to agree that it's a little bit of both. However, I can usually spot a cheater from a mile away.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Anonymous said...

isn't this alittle gender biased? When men so called cheat are we cheating with other men? so for every cheating man there has to be a cheating women. and from what I've seen its about 50/50. on who cheats on who.Who did this study?10 bucks says their mostly women said...

I know! It was a group of men and the reporter did ask one of the researchers that very question. He just shrugged and said it might be true for women too, but they didn't study women. Why? Who knows

Jennifer said...

I figured I'd better comment, since I comment frequently and not commenting here might look like I have something to hide, LOL.

I saw mention of this study, too, and I agree, it's odd that they didn't study women.

Anonymous said...

I noticed it's all men he talked aobut too LOL
But anyways, I htink morals play alot when it comes to cheating as does your upbringing.

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