Friday, September 26, 2008

Breast milk Ice Cream

This is a strange one:

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has asked Ben Jerry's to start making its ice cream from breast milk instead of cows milk! PETA says there would be two benefits-it would reduce the suffering of cows and breast milk would be better nutrition for people. Even the La Leche League was taken back by this idea. PETA says cows milk is hazardous and milking them is cruel.

The TIME story posted on CNN goes on to allude that PETA isn't really being serious, the organization is just trying to prove a point that Americans use too much cow's milk. However, PETA says it's something to look into.

Breast milk is for babies, not adults and I am sure most people would say "EWW" to eating breast milk ice cream--although it is sweet!

What do you think about the idea of breast milk ice cream?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Melody said...

If PETA is taking the stand that milking cows is cruel and cows milk is hazardous. Then are they saying that milking women would not be cruel and that their milk would not be hazardous?

Women do not produce as much milk as cows and it would be harder to regulate what a woman is consuming in order to make sure her milk is safe for the general public to consume.

PETA is putting animals above humans and I would have a hard time supporting an organization or company that would do such a thing.

Rachael said...

WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hahaha haha!!! Okay, let me catch my breath. That is just really entertaining to me. I'll be giggling all night. Not sure this particular direction is going to give PETA or the specific cause a lot of credibility.

SallyN said...

It's PETA trying to stir up a controversy. )The letter was sent to Ben & Jerry the people, not the company (B & J are no longer involved in running the company). That's just a small point though.)

The biggest issue I have is that the best use of breastmilk is for the children. And there are so many children in need of donor milk, which is limited in availability and prohibitively expensive.

Or, if PETA REALLY wants to reduce the suffering of dairy cows, how about going after formula manufacturers to research switching to human milk instead of cow milk for their products.

Anonymous said...

PETA... Stands for:

People Eating Tasty Animals!

The members of PETA are Loons! Cows were put on this planet for human consumption, unless you are from India, then you obey the cow god! (Green Jelly reference)

Shannon said...

I think it's a tongue-in-cheek effort to raise some awareness. Everyone thinks the idea of eating items made with breastmilk is just so *gross,* yet they think nothing of eating stuff made with milk that comes from cows. Breastmilk is for baby humans, cow's milk is for baby cows.

I don't think PETA is actually advocating for the use of breastmilk in these products... but I have to say that if we had the choice, breastmilk would be a far superior ingredient. Unless, of course, we're making ice cream for cows.

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