Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eat a big breakfast

What do your kids eat for breakfast? I try to get mine to eat eggs and fruit, but I am not always successful. I usually can't get my four-year-old to eat much of anything until about 11:00a.m. They like organic fruit bars, but they are loaded with sugar, which doesn't make mom happy. I will be putting a little more effort into eating breakfast myself after reading this story from CNN:

Eat a big breakfast, lose a lot of weight. A new study from the American Endocrine Society compared obese women trying to lose weight. One group packed on the carbohydrates and lean protein at breakfast. The other stuck to a low-carb morning meal. At the end of eight months, women eating the hefty breakfast lost an average of almost 40 pounds--The low carb eaters lost just nine.

The difference may be explained by the boost in a brain chemical that suppresses appetite. Lots of carbs boosts serotonin levels.

I am not trying to lose weight, but I don't want to slow down my metabolism at this point! And I think it's a good idea to get kids into the habit of eating breakfast at a young age.

Do you eat breakfast? What do you feed your kids?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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SallyN said...

My breakfast consists of: double serving of instant oatmeal. Before being a mom, I used to make homemade steel-cut oats, but I just don't have the time now! I also have a glass of watered down juice, my prenatals (since we're still nursing), B-complex, Fish Oil, and Cal/Mag.

I'd love to fit some protein in there, but I'm not much of a morning cooker.

Lauren still considers solids to be for fun, so her breakfast is breastmilk (at almost 20 months :)) said...

I love peanut butter toast for breakfast.(easy protein) You made homemade steel-cut oats! You sound like a rock star!
I am thinking about doing a news story on whether or not to take vitamins- so you take fish oil/cal/mag as well as prenatals? What do you take when you are not nursing/pregnant?

Maria said...

I usually eat granola (from the bulk at whole foods-- berry breakfast or something like that) with plain yogurt. If I am running late, I will grab a breakfast burrito from the snack bar at work (sausage, scrambled egg, cheese and potato) or go without.

The Boy always gets breakfast-- even when I don't. He has fruit (berries, grapefruit, apple, banana...something like that) and cereal or scrambled eggs. He also nurses around 530 or 600.

SallyN said...

Peanut butter and jelly for lunch here :) As for being a rock star, back then I was childless AND jobless... cooking is one of the things I did to fill my time.

Maria... I SO wish we had a Whole Foods here!

Jen... the Cal/Mag is to help my milk supply leading up to and through my period. The B-complex and Fish Oil are for mental health. I can tell when I miss them! I wasn't taking anything (other than migraine meds) before nursing/pregnant... I'm a lot more informed and focused on my health now.

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