Friday, April 18, 2008

Teens and texting

Do your kids text? A new survey shows texting is a great way for you to connect with your teenager. Psychologists say texting is opening up lines of communication and has a positive impact on teenagers and parents. Of course, this survey was performed by a cell phone company(Samsung Mobile), but still, it's an interesting concept. The survey revealed that text messaging has broadened the lines of communication for many parents and teens, with over half of those reporting it has actually improved their relationship.

Here are the facts from the survey:

  • On average, teens send 455 text messages each month and receive 467 – that’s approximately 15 text messages sent and 16 messages received each day. Almost six in ten (57%) moms and dads who text, say their teens have helped them become better texters.

  • Nearly seven in ten (68%) American parents communicate with their kids by text message. Nearly six in ten (56%) teens report that they communicate more often with their parents since they began texting.

  • Over half (53%) of texting teens think their relationship with their parents has improved because of text messaging. More than half (51%) of parents who text with their teens agree that they communicate more often with their kids now than they did before they began text messaging.

What do you think about this concept? Is texting helping the parent/teen relationship or is it leading to less verbal communication?

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Jennifer said...

I do text my kids. Often it's more a matter of logistics, though, than about anything of import. For example, yesterday my daughter was at Scholastic Bowl, and I texted her to see how they were doing and when they would be back at the school. (It's easier and quicker for her to check for a text message than a voicemail).
I also text the kids when we are at home. Nagging via text, somehow it seems less annoying to them when I nag them via text (hey, are you cleaning your room?) rather then knocking on their door and asking.

Shannon said...

My husband and I text each other! I find it's often less-intrusive if he's in a meeting or at lunch or a game- if he can check the message and write back without being rude, he will. If not, he'll still wait until later... but having to answer his phone and talk is not an option at those times.

Texting has also made it much easier for us to find baby-sitters and for him to communicate with his soccer players and me with the sorority women I advise.

I recently wrote a story on music education however, and the choral director at PCHS mentioned that he's noticing today's students aren't as able to express themselves because they so often communicate by text or e-mail instead of face-to-face. They have trouble conveying emotions and expressions facially now... I thought that was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Texting can be a useful tool as noted by previous comments. However, it has already become overused. I cringe when I see people- teens, adults, elementary children- staring at that phone in their hand and rapidly pushing the keys, while all around them LIFE is going on and they are MISSING it. Where? Their child's ball game, their sibling's/friends recital, concert, ball game, and/or waiting in line with friends whom they could be conversing with. What has happened to moderation? And if in doubt, don't? Susan T

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