Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fiber drink for kids

I am constantly trying to find things for my kids to drink that are healthy and don't have a ton of calories or fake sugar. We do a lot of milk and water, but that gets old. My four-year-old usually asks for juice. So, when I saw this new drink for kids, I had to post about it to see if any of you have tried it. It's called Froose. It supposedly tastes like a smoothly, but is made out of organic brown rice.

Denise Devine came up with the idea because she wanted to give her own kids a healthy alternative to the ever-popular juice box. A 4-ounce box of Froose contains three grams of fiber,whole fruit concentrate and eight grams of sugar. Froose is gluten-free, so it's safe for kids with a digestive disorder called Celiac Disease and for kids with autism on a gluten-free diet.

It costs $30.00 for 40/4.23 oz boxes.

Here's the website.

The medical company Medstar compiled these Fast Facts:

  • Only about 20 percent of U.S. children get the recommended daily levels of fruits and vegetables.
  • Many fruit juices have added sugar and are not necessarily a healthy food choice for small children.
  • A new drink for children, called Froose®, is made from 100 percent fruit juice concentrate and organic brown rice syrup.
  • A box of Froose juice has 80 calories, zero fat and cholesterol and three grams of fiber.

So, have you heard of this? Have you tried it? Does it sound like a good option to you?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Edgar said...

I don't give my kids cow's milk, but soymilk instead - (and actually they don't drink very much of it). Silk now makes a version with added fiber, so I've been buying that.

My kids also eat a lot of fruits with the skins on, I've just never really given them the option of peeling them. :) (like apples).

I do notice my 7-year old seems to need more fiber during the school year though, I don't think he's getting enough with those school lunches. (A whole other post...)

I would buy those juice boxes, but like everything else that might actually have some nutritional value, they seem a bit pricey!

Anonymous said...

As long as the concentrated fruit juice is not concentrated apple juice from china I would buy it. After watching a bit of the PBS series "Illicit: The Dark Trade" and hearing some first hand quotes from some of the chinese plant workers regarding the food grade exports I will never feel safe ingesting anything exported from china. Could you check with the company on this and post back, everything else about this product seems acceptable.

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