Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teacher sexually abusing students

A former grade school teacher in Central Illinois will spend the next 30 plus years(he was sentenced to 60 yrs, but will be up for parole in 30) behind bars for sexually abusing students. He was convicted of putting a banana into several childrens' mouths for sexual gratification. The incidents happened during school hours.

We try to do everything we can to protect our kids. Just the thought of a grade school teacher doing something like this at school is unthinkable. My station ran a story on how to spot the signs that a child has been sexually abused.

The Center for the Prevention of Abuse in Peoria says:

1.One of the big indicators is personality change. If a happy and outgoing child is suddenly withdrawn, it could be an indicator of a problem.

2. Another sign could be if a potty trained boy or girl suddenly starts wetting the bed.

3. Or if a child starts to talk about sexual anatomy in a knowledgeable way, describing terms and functions. If they are more interested in things with a sexual theme, become more sexually aggressive or start touching others inappropriately. You should seek professional help.

4. Look for strange relationships with adults in your child's life.

5. Remind kids they can always talk to you about anything. That's something you should do even if you don't suspect something inappropriate is happening.

Experts say if you suspect sexual abuse, try talking to your child about it. Make an appointment with your doctor to look for any physical signs. If you know abuse has happened, call police.

I know you probably will never have to worry about this type of thing, but if it can happen at school, it can happen to anyone.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Jimmy the Pink said...

It's nearly impossible to convince some people that a old male, who has no friends, who is obsessed with a child, who lavishes gifts on him, and who the family is calling his "grandpa"...

that the guy meets all the characteristics of a child molestor.

Since he buys so much for the child, and is a free babysitter, the mom can spend more time in the bar.

This is the sad side of trying to do anything about it, and this is not hypothetical.

Thanks for alerting parents to this.

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