Sunday, April 20, 2008

Favorite Kid's Music

My boys absolutely love music. It doesn't matter where we are or what it is. The oldest one starts humming and the youngest one starts bending his knees and bobbing his head. A fellow journalist, who has since decided to focus on his music, recently sent me some new kid's Cd's. My kids love them. The Rock of All Ages starts out with this "high-ya" and sound effect. My four-year-old runs in the room every time it's on and does a big karate kick. (he now wants to take karate too.) Big Rock Rooster has this song called I wanna be an action figure. That is right up our alley. The daddy a go-go website has more information.

I am completely annoyed by this one because I have heard it so much, but I have to mention the Baby Songs DVD because my kids could sit and watch that thing all day. There's a song about eating finger foods and about getting dressed by yourself. I can barely type this post without getting the songs stuck in my head.

We are also very fond of our Veggie Tales Cd's. The music is great and they have a great message. My four-year-old particularly likes our Veggie Tales songs. Bob the tomato says my son's name throughout the CD. You can pick from an assortment of Cd's like Barney and The Wiggles and then have a child's name added to it. Great gift!

I have to mention the Laurie Berkner Band. We haven't gotten that one out in awhile, but last year that was really big in my house. I am not sure which CD/DVD has this song but my oldest son love the Buzzy, buzz, buzzy bee boppin boogie, be boppin boogie, buzzy buzz buzz song. (I don't know the actual name!)

Send me your kid's favorite music by posting a comment. I would love to get a new assortment. And if you have kids older than preschool age, please give us some of your recommendations.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Anonymous said...

We (children all over 13) still love "GT and the Halo Express" Bible Verse CDs. Each of the 7 CDs has a theme and contains 8-10 verses, each set to a different style of music. Some are so lovely... John 3:16, Psalm 23:4... I sometimes tear up. Others are funky, jazzy, country, even gentle rap- the one about Joseph & his brothers. These were originally written/produced in the early 90's but they are still very relevant today. Originally endorsed by Focus on the Family. The creators were on the show to tell how they taught the songs to their very young son before heart surgery, because he was told he would have to be quiet/still when he woke up after surgery(he would be in drug induced paralysis)... they wanted him to have a way to calm himself and felt the very best thing he could have in his mind is Bible verses... the easiest way to remember them-> set to music. website is gthalodotcom Susan T said...

Great Suggestons. Thanks Susan!

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