Monday, April 21, 2008

Banning Bisphenol-A

I am having a hard time deciding what kind of cup to give my sons. I am grateful I used the medela bottles when my youngest son was a baby because they do not contain the chemical bisphenol-A, but now what? The sippy cups obviously have it in them. I am debating whether to spend the money to get some cups that I know are bisphenol-free. After reading this story, I am thinking I better.

From ABC News:

Citing health concerns, Wal-Mart say it will no longer sell some products in plastic bottles made with a common chemical. And the government of Canada says it will ban the chemical completely. Several studies have shown the chemical bisphenol-A can cause behavioral and neurological symptoms later in life. Toxicology studies also show there's an increased risk of early puberty, breast and prostate cancer.

Officials at the National Institutes of Health concluded last August, that there is a potential threat to humans, but more research is needed. Some experts recommend buying bisphenol-free plastic or using glass. Researchers say boiling or heating water in plastic baby bottles and other products has been shown to cause BPA to leak out.

Here's a post I did in February that looks at which bottles/cups are bisphenol-free.

This is the sippy I am considering buying, but it's $12.00 for one! That's steep!

What do you think? Should we be throwing away our plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and food containers? It certainly makes you wonder.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

I highly recommend checking ZRecs for the status of BPA in childrens products. They do an extensive job of checking-- calling several times to ensure the same answer, etc. The link to their BPA reports is:

Using that report, you can find quite a few less expensive sippy cups that are BPA free. They have a pocket-sized print out to take to the store with you as well as a text messaging service for when you are staring at all the cups and can't remember which is which!

I like the Thermos Fogo cups, and I also use SIGG. For his daycare cups, I send Gerber Sip and Smile

Overall, I try to avoid plastic any and everything whenever possible. With a toddler, it is not always possible, but in those cases when I need to use something plastic (rather than glass, for example), I am very careful on the type of plastic I chose.

I believe it's better to be safe than sorry... said...

Thanks Maria! I can't wait to check out your links. Safe AND cheap is much better than just safe!

Maria said...

I agree. Plus, I hate for this (and other issues really) to become class issues-- where only the rich can avoid the toxin.

Cinky said...

I think it is great that you are a working mom AND still find time to blog. I commend you.I find it hard to getting blogging in as a working college student.

The BPA frenzy is causing lots of mothers to worry, with good reason. I'm a little nervous to drink out of my water bottle, too. It's crazy to think that all this time we have been exposed to BPA but until this recent spur in interest over it, it was brushed under the rug. Our lives are consumed by BPA. It is in fillings in our teeth, it lines the metal in our canned foods, and in our plastic food containers. It is scary to know that BPA is found in most baby bottles and sippy cups. There are many new companies coming out with BPA free bottles though. As far as plastic drinking bottles for adults go, Camelbak has always been BPA free and Nalgene and REI are coming out with BPA-free lines, too. is also a great site. They have reviewed dozens of baby products. You might have to do a bit of searching but they are on BPA overhaul.

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