Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Egg Toy Recall

If you have some camouflage Easter eggs, watch out!

Hobby Lobby is recalling about 13 thousand Easter egg toys. The toys in question are camouflage eggs and eggs with spinning tops. The paint on the toys is said to have excessive amounts of lead, which can be toxic if ingested.

The camouflage egg set contains eggs painted in a white, brown and green camouflage pattern. The eggs with the spinning tops include a single egg with a rip cord. The toys were sold at Hobby Lobby stores nationwide between January and March of 2008.

The Camouflage Easter Egg Treat Containers have Item #1031 printed on the front of the packaging and are white, brown and green camouflage colors, sold in a package of eight eggs. “Made in China for Tony Development and Mfg Ltd; TST, Kin, HK” and UPC code number 43078 01031 are printed on the back of the packing.

The Easter Spinning Egg Tops have Item # 1054 printed on the front of the packaging and are multi-colored and come in packages of a single egg and a rip cord. “Made in China for Tony Development and Mfg Ltd. TST, Kin, HK" and UPC code number 43078 01054 are printed on the back of the packaging.

You can find more information on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Anonymous said...

Big surprise here, another chinese import tainted with lead. If it is imported from china make sure it does not go in your childs mouth!

newsanchormom.com said...

Honestly, when we did the toy safety check a few weeks ago we found lead and other heavy metals in a lot of toys, not just the ones made in China. I think there are just a lot of toys made in China so it seems like that country is the only culprit. I did choose a teether the other day for my one year old because it said made in the U.S.A. I bet other parents are doing the same thing!

Anonymous said...

After the whole dog food thing and then the toys it just seems like our best course would be to avoid chinese products that can be inserted into a childs mouth. It only took the possibility of salmonella to ban the sale of baby turtles in pet shops when I was a kid. One neck injury in the united states a few years back and all competition swimming pools had to be deepened by 18 inches. I would try and avoid imported toys for little ones that might chew on them, and just hope they don't get into the dogs bowl and eat the kibble.

newsanchormom.com said...

That might be our best course of action as parents. I wish there were more toys made that we knew did not contain lead based paint. I think there's a website where you can purchase toys that are touted as lead free-it was in an older post on this sit. I will see if I can find it.

Anonymous said...

Try and buy food that is not in some part made in China, it may be harder than you think.

here is an article a bit old, http://www.cnn.com/2007/LIVING/wayoflife/07/26/china.products/index.html

Diane Vespa said...

Little Tikes and Lego's seem to be toy manufacturers that give consistant high quality and very few recalls.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is very hard to avoid Chinese products but that issue with Mattel and its major toy recall due to toxic lead paint and the small detachable magnets.
It is not the fault of the Chinese that manufacture the toys, it is simple engineering from the U.S., There is even evidence that Mattel apologized to China for any damage reputation the scandal might have caused. The best thing to do is to have some decent education to your children not to put stuff in their mouths that should not go there.

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