Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bad Habits

My four-year-old taught my one-year-old how to spit today. I was watching them and couldn't figure out quite what was going on until I walked over to the baby, who was in the high chair, and he spit in my face. Boys! I'm sure I have more of these days to look forward to! Anyone else have older kids who teach the younger ones bad habits?
-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Michael said...

Boys ... heh heh heh

You can expect some bathroom "target practice". Just hope it not at the family pet, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just watch out for the weird uncle that gives them their first nudie magazine & they learn the how to use their magic wand for something else. said...

You guys are not making me feel better about this, but at least I know to watch out for!

dewayne said...

I have three kids.
When the oldest two - both boys - were about 7 and 5 - they were allowed to build a little ramp outside to jump their big wheels over.
Their little sister 2 was not allowed to participate.
To make it up to her one afternoon they put a big wheel on the top bunk bed in their room, put her on it and away she went.
The resulting thud brought me to the room where I found my daughter on the floor unconscious and with her eyes rolling back.
We rushed to the ER. She was fine after an overnight stay. No permanent damage, except for the 20years it aged my wife and I in one moment.
The kids are all in the 20's now with kids of their own, and grandpa's getting his revenge. said...

That is a terrifying story!It makes me not want to have a girl!My eldest son has been asking for bunk beds and I was thinking "no" for that very reason. I guess I will stick to that answer until they get a little older!

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