Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Autism Breakthrough on Computer

Did any of you see the Autism report on ABC on Tuesday? It is about a fabulous teenager who does not have the ability to speak due to her autism. Carly Fleishman is using a new computer program that allows her to speak through the computer. What she says is simply amazing. She says people treat her like she's dumb and it's obvious from her writing she is not. If you know anyone who has a child with autism, you have got to read this story.

Just go to this ABC News link.
Miss Carly is an inspiration! She is even answering people's questions on-line.

Let me know what you think of the story after you take a look.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Anonymous said...

As a parent to a son with ASD, this was truly remarkable! I have always said that my son was intelligent, but this proves that kiddos with disabilities have their own unique abilities, so don't count them out. What an inspiration! Thanks for sending the link.


steven edward streight said...

I watched an autism program on PBS that dealt with autistic savants, the geniuses who are very articulate.

Silent Miaow was featured as an example. I love her videos and have offered to make music collaborations with her. I would like to form a band of autistic savants. They have an otherworldly poise musically and artistically.

Here is the famous "In My Language" film of Silent Miaow, in which she does a music video then explains and interprets her art and music and perceptions.

She experiences prejudice, assumptions and rudeness like all eccentrics, innovators, and dissidents.

We must protect and learn to be astonished by such precious souls. They are not very different from us, not at all. We all have autistic elements in our personalities. said...

Camilla, so glad you got to read the story! She is an inspiration and her story is bound to help a lot of others! Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I am Carly's mom and found this blog --thank you for posting it and I had to respond because we have always called her "Miss Carly" so I had to laugh when I saw you had called her by that name as well.

Thank you for your support and for spreading the news.

Tammy Starr said...

Tammy! Wow!It's great to hear from you. I am so happy for your daughter. She has to be so relieved to have found her voice. I did a half hour special on autism last year and really got to meet some great parents and kids. I think Carly's story will help so many! I would love to send you a copy of the special- send me an email if you're interested.
newsanchormom [at] gmail [dot] com

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