Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kids who always choose electronics first

There's a good chance you battle with the same electronic issues we do at our house. I am constantly trying to get the kids to play with something other than a DS, television, computer, iPad, etc. And I just want them to do it without getting into some big argument and without screaming and fighting and whining. Sometimes I think a blackout would be nice. However, I am sure that day the DS would actually be fully charged!

Last night the kids turned off all the electronics by themselves. They got out the old fruit in the fridge (oranges, pears) and found dad's drill on the counter. They spent two hours drilling into the fruit (safely) and making up some game that went along with the fun. Surprisingly, they didn't even make much of a mess. I thought it was great. I think parents tend to try and avoid messes too often. Sometimes kids just need to make a big mess and have fun. They can always help to clean it up later. That's my two cents for the day.

The topic of electronic books came up in this article FROM THE THE NEW YORK TIMES:

According to Lisa Guernsey of the New America Foundation’s Early Education Initiative, is that when we read with a child on an e-reader, we may actually impede our child’s ability to learn. Ms. Guernsey interpreted recent research on childhood literacy for Time magazine, and found that parents interact differently with children over an e-reader than over a physical book. That difference may make children slower to read and comprehend a story.

Children sitting with a parent while an e-reader reads to them understand significantly less of what’s read than those hearing a parent read. Researchers at Temple University, where the study was done, noted that parents reading books aloud regularly asked children questions about the book: “What do you think will happen next?” Parents sitting with the child while a device read to them (like a LeapPad or some iPad apps) didn’t ask these questions, or relate images or incidents in the book to the child’s real life. Instead, their conversation was focused on how to use the device: “Careful! Push here. Hold it this way.”

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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