Monday, January 2, 2012

How to talk to your kids

I just read this cool article from THE NEW YORK TIMES about a book written by teenagers on how parents should talk to their kids. The 17-year-old authors give examples on how to rephrase sentences so they won't be offensive to teenagers. I feel like my 8-year-old already has a tendency to roll his eyes when I ask him about his friends, school, feelings, etc. I cannot imagine how tough it will be to get him to express anything when he is an adolescent. I should really start trying harder now.

Here's part of the article:

Ms. Frankel and Ms. Fox, both 17, are the authors of "Breaking the Code" (New
American Library), a new book that seeks to bridge the generational divide
between parents and adolescents. It is being promoted by its publisher as the
first self-help guide by teenagers for their parents, a kind of "Kids Are From
Mars, Parents Are From Venus" that demystifies the language and actions of

Both girls are seniors at Fieldston, the private school in the Bronx. They
began writing more than a year ago after hearing a talk at their school by a
psychologist who aimed to help parents make better sense of their children. The
girls thought they could do even better. Encouraged by a teacher who put them in
touch with a literary agent, they offered themselves as scouts showing the way
across the forbidding terrain of the adolescent mind.

Their intention, they tell parents in their introduction, is to provide a
"guide to what teens really hear when you speak, and how you can make them hear
what you are actually trying to say." Their efforts to explain why an apparently
innocuous remark so often elicits a tantrum or worse might be meaningful, Ms.
Fox suggested in the interview, if the result is "one less week of silent
treatment from your teenager."

Writing on consecutive Saturdays from November to June between homework
assignments and preparation for their SAT's, the girls tackled issues including
curfews, money, school pressures, smoking and sibling rivalry.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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