Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bouncy House Danger

I saw a story yesterday about bouncy houses flying away with kids in them. One girl ended up on top of a house with a concussion. I didn't realize the wind could pick these things up if it's strong enough. All the bouncy houses in the story I saw were tethered to the ground. Good grief! It was upsetting to see. Here's the video from ABC:

And then I saw this story today!
FROM NBC: Eight elementary school children in Illinois were rushed to the hospital after an inflatable slide they were on tipped over.

Officials say several children were on the 15-foot tall inflatable slide when it tipped over Friday.
Eight fifth-graders were taken to an area hospital, but none of their injuries appear to be serious.
Authorities are trying determine why the slide collapsed.

I am not against bouncy houses and I will continue to let my kids use them. We had one for my son's birthday last year and it was fabulous! However, if it's a windy day, they won't be anywhere near the thing!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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