Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pesticide Danger During Pregnancy

I live right next to a farm and I constantly think about pesticides this time of year. I do think they can cause problems, but I don't really know what. One doctor told me to get a reverse osmosis system and not let the kids outside when the fields are being sprayed. I don't know. My kids are fine so far. I don't have any reason to believe they were harmed because we live next to a farm. What do you think about pesticide exposure?

FROM ABC: If you're pregnant or know someone who is, tonight's medical minute will be of particular interest to you. There is new research showing exposure to pesticides containing a certain chemical are linked to negative long-term effects on the unborn child.
They're called organophosphates... OP's. And they're chemicals found in the most common---and most toxic---pesticides and insecticides used today. They work by attacking the nervous system in bugs and insects.

The effects of OP pesticides on humans can vary, depending on a number of factors. but they can be treated or even reversed. But could they have effects on unborn children? Three independent medical studies measured the OP levels in the urine or umbilical cord plasma of pregnant women to evaluate its association on the IQs of young children . One study found that 7-year-old's whose mothers had the highest levels of pesticide in their urine during pregnancy, had an average IQ 7 points lower than children whose mothers had the least amount of o.p. in their system.

The results published in the journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, showed that while there was no way to compare one study to another, all three found a correlation between prenatal OP pesticide exposure and a lower IQ in children.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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