Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Benefit of Video Games

My kids are on a Wii kick right now. It seems to go in spurts. They played it all the time, then they never played it, and now they try to play it constantly(It gets aggravating.) They put their birthday/tooth fairy money together and bought Mario Super Sluggers last week. They are up and moving around when they play it and they are definitely learning how to share. So I guess that's a good thing. I hadn't heard of some of the active games mentioned in this article. I will have to check them out!

FROM NBC: High-energy, interactive video games might be a good way to counter the growing childhood obesity problem. Researchers had about 40 middle schoolers play various games like "Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Boxing -- where they had to get up and move to play.

All of them increased the energy expenditure of the kids and those who were overweight or at risk of becoming overweight said they enjoyed the games more than kids who had a lower body mass index.
Kids played Wii, dance dance revolution, Lightspace, Xavix, Cybex Trazer and Sportwall.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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