Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hearing the Heartbeat before Abortion

If abortion patients heard the heartbeat of the baby before the procedure, would it change the number of abortions performed? It's certainly an interesting question and it's being considered in Texas-with some stipulations.

FROM NBC: A Texas senate committee has passed a bill relating to a patient seeing a sonogram before an abortion. Lawmakers at the Texas State Capitol say the passage of senate bill 16, also known as the "sonogram bill," on Wednesday is destined to become law this session.

The bill is among a list of others deemed "emergency items" by Gov. Rick Perry. That designation gives lawmakers the ability to fast track such bills in the first 60 days of the session.

Dozens of people testified about the bill originally thought by some to force a woman to view the sonogram and hear the heartbeat before an abortion. The bill's author, Senator Dan Patrick, clarified the bill's language - saying it would instead require "doctors" to make those items available to the patient if she wants them.

Still, it didn't appease critics like planned parenthood, which said the bill was a "disguise" to make a woman keep the baby.

Dr. Sam Spear, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Central Texas Region: "The serious manipulation of a person's ability to make an intelligent and informed decision is not the person's own free choice."

Sen. Dan Patrick,"You hear those from Planned Parenthood testify today, 'We already do the sonograms.' 'We show the women.' Well, then, what is their objection to the bill?" "My intent has never been to force a woman to view a sonogram or hear the heartbeat if she chose not to."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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