Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cameras in the Delivery Room?

I don't think it's weird that some people want a video or pictures of their baby being born. I, personally, am not one of those people, but I certainly think it's a normal thing. We usually take pictures right after the baby is born.

So I have no idea if local hospitals allow you to video tape or take pictures of the actual birth. I can totally see both sides of this issue. I think it's a parent's right to film their child's birth, but the two points made below are also good. What do you think? Should parents be permitted to film and take pictures of the birth of their baby?


For the hospital, the issue is not about “rights” but about the health and safety of the baby and mother and about protecting the privacy of the medical staff, many of whom have no desire to become instant celebrities on Facebook or YouTube.

Their concerns take place against a backdrop of medical malpractice suits in which video is playing a role. A typical case is one settled in 2007 that involved a baby born at the University of Illinois Hospital with shoulder complications and permanent injury; video taken by the father in the delivery room showed the nurse-midwife using excessive force and led to a payment to the family of $2.3 million.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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