Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Crib Tent

As if people didn't think I was overprotective enough, I now have a crib tent. You know, one of those nets that fits over the crib so the baby can't jump out. It seems so ridiculous, but I really think it is necessary in my case.

My 15 month old jumped out of his crib a few days ago. I didn't know what to do. I put him back in and said, "night, night" and pushed his little bottom down on the crib mattress. As soon as I turned around, he was jumping out again.

And when I say "jumping" I mean falling. He pulls that little baby leg up, scoops his body over the edge and falls to the ground. I tried standing at the side of the crib and rubbing his tummy until he went to sleep. He just stared at me like I was crazy. I rocked him to sleep in my arms and then laid him down. He popped right back up and lifted up his foot onto the crib rail immediately. Then I got some couch pillows and put them on the floor and laid down next to him with my eyes closed. He started poking me and laughing. Eventually, I grabbed everything out of his room that I thought might pose a danger and I shut the door and said, "night night." He finally fell asleep on the floor right next to the door. It was horrible.

That's when I realized I am going to have to put my kid in a crib tent. I can't do this again. My oldest jumped out of the crib at 15 months and I did not get a crib tent. He ended up landing on his shoulder at some point and broke his collar bone.

So I called Wal-mart, Babies R Us, Target, K-Mart, etc. I started to think, "No one carries them in my town in stock. Am I really going to have to order it on-line and wait desperately for the mail man for the next four days?" I was ready to get in the car and drive to Springfield when I thought of Baby Depot inside Burlington Coat Factory. I figured they wouldn't have it, but I should at least call. It was a Christmas miracle! Baby Depot carries crib tents in stock in Peoria, Illinois. I talked to the nicest lady who put it on hold for me and said she gets calls from desperate parents who need crib tents often. I was so relieved. The tent works great!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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