Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adopted Baby Comes Home from Nepal

Vicki and Jed Taufer are finally bringing their baby girl home! We have been following this story about a couple from Morton, IL who adopted a baby from Nepal in August-on the same day adoptions were suspended.

The little girl got stuck in Nepal. The U.S. suspended adoptions from Nepal because several babies who were adopted from the country were later found to have been taken from their birth parents. I talked to Congressman Aaron Schocks's office about it several times. Schock's office told me in order to prevent these babies from being adopted to other countries and never seen again, all adoptions were suspended.

I spoke with Jed on the phone months ago and we even had an interview schedule, but he canceled it. He said he was worried media publicity about the problem would delay his little girl Purnima from coming home. So his wife Vicki has spent most of 6 months in Nepal with their now 19 month old little girl. I cannot imagine the financial burden. Jed said Vicki's mom even flew to Nepal to babysit at one point. Can you imagine that? What a blessing to have someone willing to do that.

The Taufers own V Gallery in Morton. Vicki is the photographer and I think she has only worked a couple times since they adopted Purnima. Purnima is Jed and Vicki's only child. While some families in this situation opted to forfeit the adoption, they did not give up. They spent months trying to gather what the U.S. deemed sufficient evidence that Purnima was in fact an orphan and not a stolen baby. Purnima's visa was finally granted this month!

If you want to donate to the Taufer's, you can do so by heading to their blog:

It looked like the Associated Press has even picked up their story! Here is the version from NBC:


-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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