Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eating those fruits and veggies

I can get my kids to do the fruit thing, but the veggies are still challenging. I do grind up vegetables and hide them in food when I have time(which isn't very often.) Although, I actually made three meals this week. No one liked or ate the first two. I am hopeful tonight's Mexican casserole was a big hit. I will soon find out. I did ad corn to the recipe because it didn't have any veggies in it. My kids still won't eat raw vegetables. They will take a couple bites, but they still spit them out. :(

FROM NBC: Kids who eat their fruit and veggies will have healthy hearts as adults. A study of 16 hundred children who were followed for more than 25 years finds those who consistently ate vegetables and fruit from childhood to adulthood had a lower risk for stiff arteries as adults. Those who didn't follow mom's advice performed worse on arterial stiffness tests. The risk persisted even when factors that increase the risk for heart disease were accounted for -- like cholesterol. Experts say making fruit and vegetable shopping fun, including kids in meal preparation, and giving kids choices are all ways to get them to eat the healthy stuff.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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