Saturday, October 23, 2010

Running While Pregnant

Did you run or exercise while you were pregnant? I did until about four months. I had preterm labor with my last two babies so I had to be very careful about moving. It really stunk. I am totally jealous of the women who can run or even just walk for exercise their entire pregnancy. I would have LOVED to have done that. Did you run while pregnant?

FROM NBC: You see all ages, shapes, and sizes hitting the running trails...even some runners sporting a baby bump. Is it safe? Kelly Perkins looks a lot like most of the runners jogging through central park, but she's actually working out for two. "I'm having a boy." She was seven months along with her first child when we caught up with the former marathon runner. "Didn't want to give it up if I didn't have to, but perfectly willing to if that was necessary."

Her doctor said, "Listen to your body and keep running." Kelly is part of a growing number of women who are doing just that as we found out. Jennifer Landis, runner said, "oh, I did that."
But there is still a sense that running and pregnancy don't mix. Kelly Perkins: "Sometimes I'll overhear people saying, 'What is she doing? She doesn't need to be running.'" The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists actually says it is probably ok to continue running through pregnancy as long as you were a runner beforehand and of course you stay in close contact with your physician. you probably will have to adjust your routine." Just ask Olympian Carrie Tollefson. Carrie Tollefson "but I did have to watch, you know, how far I ran. I had to make sure there were port-a-potties or bathroom breaks along the way."

By the end she was down to a mile and a half jog but she ran as far as two days before giving birth to her daughter ruby, and four months later there she is on the cover of runner's world.
Katie Neitz, Runner's World Senior Editor "most doctors now are saying it's safe and healthy and they actually advise women to continue being active and continue running through their pregnancies." While it's not for everyone.

Allison Hunter, runner: "I did yoga instead. It works. I took a break from running, but now we're running." For Kelly, running is starting to get a little more challenging. Recently she's noticed some pain in her knees, but she's still hoping to run up to her delivery. Kelly Perkins, runner: "If I can, then that's what I'll do. If I can't then that's ok too. I'm just happy I made it this far."
She is pacing herself, because after all pregnancy is more like a marathon than a sprint.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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