Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parents Drugging Kids

FROM NBC: Parents may joke about slipping the kids a little cold medicine to get them to sleep ... but some experts say there's nothing funny about it. Researchers at the University of Colorado say giving children over the counter or prescription medicines for the wrong reasons is an under-recognized form of child abuse.

They found an average of 160 cases a year where pharmaceutical drugs were used maliciously on children. Of the 14-hundred cases reported between 2000 and 2008, 14-percent involved injuries -- and 18 children died.
Researchers speculate parents use these drugs for a break, amusement or a form of punishment.

What drugs you ask? I wanted to know the same thing! Are we talking about Benadryl or Ambien or what?

Here's more info:

Some Toledo parents call that abuse. Marquita Palacio has a teenaged daughter and a second child on the way. "Parenting is tough," she said. "I'm a parent myself. Yes, it's tough. But to give a kid cough medicine for crying, that's abuse."

Dr. Nicholas Tabb says giving a child medicine like Benadryl or Robitussin could actually kill them. He's a pharmacist at Kahles Pharmacy in south Toledo. "Even a dose. Even a simple teaspoon full that you would give an adult or a teenager could cause respiratory depression and death," he said. If the dosing is wrong or the child has an adverse effect, things could go terribly wrong.

Tabb recommends parents put kids in a swing or walk them to tire them out. "There are other things besides resorting to drugs to try and solve the problem."

Are you thinking what I am thinking? If giving a kid a dose of Benadryl or Robitussin could kill them, then why are we using these drugs at all?
Have you ever used cold medicine on your kids to help them sleep?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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