Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teen Boys and Suicide

Has your child ever hit you? Do you think he has violent tendencies? It's not something to ignore according to new research. If your teen son tries to commit suicide, he is more likely to assault a girlfriend/wife when he is an adult. Therapy or other intervention is extremely important at an early age. I certainly hope my kids don't have suicidal tendencies. That is a scary thought. It's hard for a parent to make a depressed teenager happy. I doubt there is a whole lot a parent can do. It would have more to do with the way the teen is treated by peers.

FROM NBC: A new study finds an alarming new reason why suicidal teen boys need intervention -- they're more likely to physically abuse their partners when they grow up.
The study from Oregon State University started following boys from high-crime neighborhoods when they were 10 years old. Those who'd attempted to commit suicide as teens were more likely to go on to assault their girlfriends or wives.

This was true for nearly 60-percent of suicidal teens compared to less than a quarter of young men who did not attempt suicide.
From the release: "The study also did not rely on just one source of information, such as men's own reports of aggression. Instead, the researchers had data from official domestic violence arrest records, women's own reports of injury, and live observations of the couples. The researchers controlled for other problems suicidal youth can have which are also linked to violence to partner, such as aggression, depression, substance use, and family abuse history. The researchers still found that young men who attempted suicide were more aggressive toward their partners."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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