Friday, June 4, 2010

McDonald's Shrek Glass Recalled

I don't mean to sound negative, but I think it's ridiculous that our government lets toys and other children's items go out on shelves when they contain toxic chemicals. It is always a recall. Why aren't these manufacturers forced to follow the guidelines in the first place?

FROM ABC: There is a major consumer recall tonight involving 12 million children's drinking glasses sold by McDonalds. A toxic metal, cadmium, has been discovered in the designs painted on the glasses. And even thought he level is low, the consumer product safety commission is warning consumers to immediately stop using them. So what does this mean for children?

The glasses capitalize on the popular movie Shrek, a way to entice kids and their parents into the local McDonald's. An anonymous tip to a Congresswoman raised concern about cadmium contamination.

Don Mays/Consumers Union: "Cadmium is a toxic element, in fact, it's a potential carcinogen that it can attack the kidneys." The Consumer Product Safety Commission then began testing the glasses and found the painted designs do contain the hazardous metal cadmium although we're told at low levels. We wanted to see for ourselves and asked an consumer product testing company to examine the glasses with a special xray device that can show the presence of metal in objects.

Michael Travers/VHG Labs:"So I'm basically pointing the analyzer at the glass as a screening device we've identified that there is cadmium present in the sample." And how worrisome would this be then? "We couldn't determine that without doing further analysis."
This is enough that we'd want to do further analysis. Cadmium has been a growing concern. This year, there've been three product recalls. And even though these glasses have low levels of cadmium, the government and McDonald's didn't want families to take any chances.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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