Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cell Phones and Cancer

I tried not to take any medicine or do anything risky while I was pregnant-at least during the first trimester. Why take the chance? I never even thought about cell phone towers near my house causing cancer. I do wonder if having a cell phone up to my ear all the time will lead to more brain tumors. I remember we ran a story on that at some point. This latest study says cell phone towers did NOT lead to more cancer in the children of pregnant women. That's a good thing. Do I think it's 100% proof? Absolutely not. What are your thoughts?

Here's an article saying you ARE more likely to develop tumors if you use cell phones. Um, I think I will start using the head phones a little more often!

FROM NBC:A large new study finds no link between living near cell phone towers and childhood cancers.
British Researchers looked at nearly 7-thousand children -- and didn't find any patterns to suggest pregnant women who lived near cell phone towers were more likely to have children who went on to develop cancer. The results add to a growing body of research that show no strong association between cell phones, cell phone towers and cancer.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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