Friday, June 18, 2010

Female Viagra

I did not realize there was such a thing as hypoactive sexual desire disorder! And according to this article it is really common. I think I am a little skeptical about this female Viagara pill. I don't like it when things that are supposed to improve your mood (a.k.a. anti-depressants) but the main side effect is depression. Strange how that works. If this really is a big problem and the medication works, more power to the women who are strong enough to seek help!

Are any of you interested in taking this?

FROM NBC: Women may have to wait a little longer for the libido boost they've been looking for. An FDA advisory panel said today a new drug for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women did not have enough of a benefit to overcome its risks.

Cathy Rowly thought her early forties would be the prime of her life -- having the kids out of the house finally meant more time alone with her husband. But her plans for intimacy didn't work out as she'd hoped.

Cathy Rowley/ patient: "If you could imagine lighting a wet match, where you had a spark and it went out that's the way my desires were before." Left without any treatment options she she turned to a clinical trial of a drug called flibanserin -- dubbed the female Viagra. The drug targets chemicals in the brain that regulate mood and sexual desire.

Dr. John Thorp at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill led the study and found women responded well.

John Thorp/ Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UNC Chapel Hill "They reported increases in desire and increases in the number of satisfying sexual encounters per month." But an FDA report found the drug's effects were "not particularly compelling." It also raised concerns about side effects, like depression, fainting and dizziness.

FDA officials asked a panel of experts to review the evidence -- they found it offered little benefit to women.

"So the majority of people did not have correction of their HSDD on the trial." But cathy says it worked for her. Cathy Rowley/patient: "I was romantic, I had the energy and the follow through with it." ... and she finally had the intimate relationship she had hoped for.

The FDA typically follows the advice of the panel, but they are not required to do so.
The drug is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim, and is targeted towards premenopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

The women in the study were otherwise healthy and not taking medication to treat other conditions, so the drug's effect on women taking flibanserin combined with other medication isn't known.

Analysts say if approved the drug could bring in $2 billion a year.
The company-funded studies found self-reported sexually satisfying events jumped to 4.5 a month, compared to 3.7 among those on placebo and 2.7 for those not taking any pills.

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