Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fake News Stories aimed at Moms

Has anyone seen the new marketing blitz that uses fake reporters to tout a product? They are advertisements for products that are written in the form of news articles! I think it's ridiculous!

Here is one that says "Local mom makes $117 an hour working from home" When you click on the link, it goes to what looks like a news report for some generic Channel 6. Then, it has the logos for real news organizations like ABC, MSNBC, etc. scrolled across the top. I am not sure how the computer knows, but the ad changes for where ever you live. Sometimes it talks about a mom from Peoria, Illinois making it big while working from home. Other times it talks about a mom from Chicago. It must depend on what I have open on my computer or something. It just makes me so mad! I always get moms asking me about real, profitable work from home jobs. Trust me, if I knew of a good one, I would be doing it!

Here is what happened to some people who didn't realize these were fake news reports!

However, if you really want to work from home, I have heard good things about this website: Flexjobs.comIt is recommended by Kim Commando. You do have to pay a subscription fee of $14.95. I haven't tried it. It is just the only site that I have heard good things about.

What do you think about the fake news reports? Am I the only who is mad about this?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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