Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will BPA ever be banned?

And people wonder why there are so many conspiracy theorist and why some people question the tactics of governmental agencies. Science proved this chemical could be harmful to kids YEARS AGO. Now the FDA is finally acknowledging that, but they still won't ban it. How many studies need to be done before we start taking this chemical out of our food supply?

FROM NBC:The Environmental Protection Agency has added BPA -- a compound in many household products -- to its list of "chemicals of concern."
BPA is used as an additive in plastics. it's also used in soda cans and food containers. Animal studies have suggested BPA may be behind some cancer and heart disease cases, and f-d-a officials say the chemical is of "some concern" to infants and children, but that more studies are needed. Adding BPA to the EPA's "chemicals of concern" list will not spark any new regulation, but it will lead to further testing of BPA exposure in animals. Representatives from the American Chemical Council say studies have confirmed BPA is not a risk to the environment at the current low levels.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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