Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teenager Texting Troubles

A teenager is having surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome because she texts so much!That is insane! I have a feeling we will start hearing about more stories like this one! I was thinking about my 6-year-old playing the WII. Can you imagine playing the WII, texting and being on the computer? That is a recipe for disaster! Will you limit how often your kids can text?

FROM ABC: It's a sign of the times. Many teens are doing a lot more texting than talking on their cell phone. In fact, one suburban 16-year-old texts so much she has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

"It's not even good texts. It's like 'hey,hey, what's up?'&'Not much.' Just ridiculous texting I'm learning not to do anymore," said Annie Levitz, texter with carpal tunnel. At her worst, Annie Levitz was sending 100 text messages a day - 4,000 in a single month. Then, the pain started."I started loosing feeling in my hands. They'd go numb.I'd go to pick up dishes and things and they'd just fall out of my hand," said Annie.

Doctors diagnosed Annie, a junior at Stevenson High School, with carpal tunnel syndrome. So severe, braces and cortisone injections aren't enough.She'll have to undergo surgery.Annie's mom says simply taking her daughter's phone away isn't an option."Sure, I've about it but if you have teens you know that doesn't work. It's their whole social life plus it's how you get in touch with them," said Carrie Levitz, mother.

Experts say just 3 percent of adults have carpel tunnel. Teens getting it is almost unheard of. But doctors say texting is becoming a textbook way to get it. "If you get tendonitis in the shoulder or wrist doctor tells you don't do that activity that's causing you the problem," said Dr. Sofia Aksentijevich,rheumatologist. The kid with carpal tunnel is all the talk at school, but if Annie's friends are any indication, the lesson may have the longevity of a text message."They're teenagers so most will be like 'I'm fine,' but it's gonna happen,"said Shelby Brand, friend. "I know it's a problem so I may watch it, but I still text a lot," said Michelle Friman, friend.

As for Annie, she says she's cut the number of texts she sends a month in half. "Two thousand," said Annie. "I know, it's not good enough but I'm trying!"

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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