Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miscarriage Myth

There is a pretty good chance you or someone close to you has had at least one miscarriage. It is is a horrible experience. When it happens to someone when they are carrying their first child, it is extremely challenging. It's hard not to wonder whether something you did-caused the miscarriage. So, a lot of women look for a way to prevent the same thing from happening again. Here is one thing you do not want to do:

FROM NBC: Miscarriage is a common pregnancy complication -- with nearly five percent of women having two or more. There is no treatment to prevent miscarriage, and now a new study finds what many hoped would be an easy fix does *not* work.

Over-the-counter aspirin has been prescribed to women suffering multiple miscarriages because of its anti-clotting properties, but few studies have been done on its effectiveness.

Over three hundred women with a history of miscarriage were included in a study where they were given aspirin, a placebo pill, or aspirin and low doses of heparin -- another clot-busting drug.
Researchers found taking medication did not lead to a pregnancy benefit -- the women in the study all had a roughly 60 percent chance of giving birth.

The trial was stopped early because of the lack of benefit seen.
364 women were enrolled who were trying to conceive or were less than 6 weeks pregnant. 299 became pregnant. The study was partially funded by GSK.

Preventing Miscarriage

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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