Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long Term Effects of In Vitro

Supposedly kids born through in vitro are more likely to have ADHD. I am sure there are a lot of you who would speculate as to why. I am not convinced. I don't see why kids born through in vitro would be any different that other kids. I was surprised there was even a study done to look at this. It's not like the child was grown in some incubator. However, I guess there are a lot of studies done that may not seem important to outsiders. Who knows! I just think it is great that all these people who want children are able to have them.

FROM ABC: In vitro fertilization has been available in the United States for nearly three decades now - long enough that researchers can follow-up with these kids as they become young adults. Do they have higher risks for diseases? More mental problems?

A new study finds the answers are largely reassuring,but with a few troubling caveats. More than 40,000 American children are born each year using assisted
reproductive technologies such as IVF. But what becomes of these kids as they grow up? Researchers from the East Virginia Medical School surveyed 173 young adults to find out.

They found kids conceived through IVF were overall quite similar to other people in their early 20s - with typical rates of obesity, birth defects and cancer.
In some ways, they were even healthier - just 14% were current smokers compared to 39% of young people the same age in the general population. But researchers were troubled by an unexpectedly high rate of psychological problems among those conceived via IVF.

Nearly one-third had been diagnosed with a mental disorder, most commonly ADHD or depression. The depression rate was only slightly higher than normal, but the odds of ADHD were more than 5 times greater.
Researchers speculate that fertility issues may cause greater stress on parents, which may result in more behavioral problems among the children.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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