Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hypnosis for Childbirth

So this new technique of natural childbirth-hypnobirthing-sounds like what I learned in Lamaze(deep breathing, relaxation, music.) I have to admit, I didn't end up using the techniques I learned there. I just did what came natural. I focused and breathing in a way that made me relax. I never did the breathing techniques. I planned on having the best massage of my life, but I didn't want my husband-or anyone else-to touch me when the contractions started. However, I do recommend taking a Lamaze class to people who have never had a child. I learned a ton and it helped me feel a lot more prepared.

As far as hypnobirthing is concerned, I would try it (if I could turn back the hands of time.) Why not? You might be in less pain and it won't hurt anything. It sounds like a good idea to me! Has anyone tried hypnobirthing? Would you try it?

FROM NBC: A new segment of the natural childbirth movement is taking hold-one that has couples using hypnotic techniques instead of epidurals.
Seven week old Harper is Anica and Abraham's second little boy. And believe it or not Anica never relied on an epidural. Instead she and her husband used hypnosis. Anica Miller Rushing: "Everyone kept saying are you going to be hypnotized so you don't know what's going on, are you going to be aware. Everyone kept calling it the hippie, freak thing to do." It's called hypnobirthing.

And women across the country are signing up.
Laura Brodrick-Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner "Hypnobirthing... teaches them how to use breath, visualization, and relaxation in order to come into their birthing environment." Yes... there are skeptics. But hypnobirthing practitioners say there's proof that it works. "

We had 1227 moms send in their reports and 72 percent used no pain medication at all." Now they're backed by University Medical Center.
Laurie Stephen-Family Education Coordinator: "We wouldn't be able to offer this to the community if we didn't have the support of both hospital administration as well as the physicians who work here." Naomi Pescovitz-Tucson, Arizona: "As these women come to the hospital to give birth, the main tools they bring with them are their partners, their relaxation techniques, and a group of scripts to help them with the process." Kevin and Candice are expecting their first.

And while she always wanted a natural birth, he needed some convincing.
Kevin Rupprecht: "I'm very type A, and I think, we're going to the hospital, it's what we pay the doctors for, they're experts in it." But six weeks till baby, the couple's perfecting the practice. Candice Rupprecht: "The fact that we can do this together and feel that we're really committed together to bringing this baby into the world has been really exciting and empowering."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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