Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is Causing an Increase in Cavities?

My 6-year-old has already had two cavities! I think that's ridiculous. He brushes his teeth at least two times a day, sometimes three. We even have one of the kid's Sonicare toothbrushes features in this picture. However, we are not big flossers-even though we should be. I am just so tired by the time the kids go to bed, the last thing I want to do is fight with them to floss. That lack of motivation is probably why I have already paid for two fillings. If your kids haven't had any yet, be grateful! I think the fillings were more than $100 a piece!
I must brush my kids teeth more often and get them to start flossing. This story is my "hint!" Do you floss your kids' teeth? How often?

FROM NBC:Dentists are frustrated by a trend they're seeing in young patients. After years of steady decline, there's evidence that cavities are making a comeback. While many are quick to blame bottled water, one dentist says the reason might be even simpler.

For Dawson Depperschmidt, getting a cavity filled is just another part of growing up.
(Dawson Depperschmidt)
"It wasn't that bad." But for her mother, caring for the teeth of her four growing girls has been a painful experience.

Sarah Depperschmidt, mother
"Dawson has always been a good brusher, it's like pulling teeth to get Presley to brush her teeth and none of them like to floss." The Depperschmidts are among the growing number of American families whose kids are getting more cavities.

According to the CDC, pediatric cavities were at an all time low in the mid nineties - with 24% of kids ages 2 to 5 having at least one. But the latest data available suggests that number is up about 4%.

Dr. Melissa Rozas has a pediatric dental practice. She says most often, the cavities show up when kids start school and their diets change.

Dr. Melissa Rozas, Dentist: "They also are able to get some things that maybe they weren't able to get at home such as chocolate milk, strawberry milk, possibly some desserts that they can go through the school line and get." But she says the bacteria that causes those cavities forms much earlier. That's why dentists and doctors suggests dental visits starting at age 1, so parents can implement good dietary and dental hygiene habits from the moment the first tiny tooth appears.

Dr. Melissa Rozas, dentist
"Bacteria need a tooth and they need food. so if we can brush the bacteria away and we can prohibit certain kinds of foods from getting to that tooth, we can prevent cavities."

Sarah Depperschmidt says despite her efforts, her kids have had upwards of three dozen cavities collectively. Sarah Depperschmidt, mother
"How much money have you spent?"
"A lot of money. A whole lot of money. Don't you see this nice, pretty office?"

But all kidding aside, she says their smiles are worth every penny. The doctor says parents should only give their children milk and water, never let them sleep with a bottle or sippy cup and limit snacking and sugary foods.

She also says you should brush and floss their teeth as soon as they appear.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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