Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kids watching even more T.V.

I think most of us knew this was going to happen. New research shows kids have way too much T.V., video game and computer time. I admit, my kids probably do get too much of it. I think it's important for them to learn how to use the computer and some programming is good for them. However, I am sure we exceed the maximum media time for the week.

They have to do something while I get ready in the morning. I do try to push toys before turning on the tube, but I am by no means obsessed about how many hours they are watching. Maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution. Do you limit your kid's T.V. time? How many hours a week do they watch?

FROM NBC: Kids are consuming a whopping average of seven hours and 38 minutes per day of entertainment media... that's more than 53 hours a week. Also...most kids have become 'media multitaskers' meaning they use more than one type of media at a time.

Taking that into account, researches with the kaiser family foundation, say kids actually are seeing about 10-hours and 45-minutes worth of media content during a typical day. That's up from eight hours and 33 minutes in 2004. Researchers are hoping this study will help parents and scientists understand how today's media blitz is affecting our children.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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