Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toys that promote communication

Here are some tips for buying gifts for kids with autism. I think they are good toys for kids who are not on the autism spectrum too!

FROM NBC: It's getting down to the wire -- is your shopping done? Perhaps you just don't know what to get -- especially if you have an autistic child on your list. Reporter Candace Lee has some great gift ideas to encourage communication and motor skills. Like most kids, children with autism know what they want for Christmas. "I've always wanted a Nintendo Wii."

"They're called warheads, very sour."
But for many children on the autism spectrum verbalizing those wants and desires are difficult. So how do you chose and where do you go to buy that toy?

Here's what you need to know first. children with autism often have difficulty with fine motor, gross motor and sensory skills. (sot: Samantha Steffensmeier, autism expert)
"We want to look at the interaction piece as well. so not only do we target fine motor skills, but also we target socialization."

Fine motor skill toys include puzzles with words to encourage communication and stackable blocks and rings. Gross motor skill toys such as this crawl tunnel or a yoga ball make a great gift. And something as simple as this koosh ball helps a child with autism develop their sensory skills. And at Toys R Us. com, there is a toy guide for differently abled kids. just click on the skill set you want to address to find the perfect toy.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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