Friday, December 4, 2009

Bed Wetting & GoodNites

I got this question via email and thought you might benefit from the great information:

"I have a 6 year old grandson that wets the bed, his mother refuses to let me put a Goodnight on him because she says it will not help him to not wet the bed. I say it won't matter. I would really like to have an "expert" opinion, GoodNites good or bad?"

Pediatric Urologist Dr. Benjamin Rhee from OSF St. Francis Medical Center said, "I don't have a problem with GoodNite pull-ups for a child up to a certain age. We have kids up to age 12 that sometimes wear them. If they (the family) don't have a problem, we don't have a problem."

Jen: "Just to be clear, there is no chance that a child's bladder will become conditioned to GoodNites-causing more problems in the future?
Dr. Rhee. "No, there is no chance of training a child to go because they are wearing a diaper."

Jen: When should you be concerned if your child is still wetting the bed?
Dr. Rhee" If a child is going into first grade and still wetting the bed, they should be evaluated. They should get an x-ray of their bellies and they should have an ultrasound of their kidneys to make sure there isn't another problem that is causing the bed wetting."

Jen: What kind of a problem?
Dr.Rhee: "A lot of the time there isn't a problem, but they can have an anomaly of their bladders or an infection that leads to lots of constipation."

Jen: Is is common for kindergartners to still wet the bed?
Dr. Rhee: "It is very common for kids to still wet the bed at six years old. I see 4-5 kids that age a day if not more. I would tell you about 30% of kids who come see are for bed wetting issues. It doesn't always signify a problem. Most of the time when there is a problem, it's a chronic infection."

Jen: What message would you like to get out to parents of kids who wet the bed?
Dr. Rhee: "I think the thing moms need to work on is getting kids to pee and poop on their own during the day. If they have to run to the bathroom, that is a problem. I always tell mom we're going to work on the daytime issues first before you worry about bed wetting issues. It is a multi-factoral kind of a thing. A lot of kids have daytime and nighttime issue. They tend to hold pee and poop too long and cause irritation. Some kids will wet the bed until they outgrow it. There is nothing you can do. The majority of times at 9-10 yrs old it becomes a social issue because they can't go to sleep overs, camps, etc."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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