Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did you give your kid a good name?

I really thought a lot about what to name each of my children. My husband and I both have common names (Jen and Kevin.) I wanted the kids to have unique names that didn't make people ask, "What are you saying? What is the name?

A recent article in Parents looks at what goes into a name. Does the name you give your child influence the person he/she will become? Did having 3-4 Jennifers in every class make me the person I am today? Some psychologists say yes. Believe it or not, there are actually baby naming consultants who get paid ($25-$400) to help you choose the right name for your child! Which names promote shyness, power, etc. Would you consider doing this?

These names will be hot in 2019 says Laura Wattenberg, author of the Baby Name Wizard.
Girls: Lila, Peyton, Lucy, Violet, Aubrey, Amelia, Pipe, Ruby, Juliet, Harper
Boys: Miles, Rowan, Lincoln, Eli, Jude, Cooper, Wyatt, Ryder, Lucas, Henry

Parents has these tips for choosing a name:
1. Don't name your kid after a movie star
2. Avoid names that can be for a girl or boy, especially if it's a boy
3. Don't give your child a super-duper long name. Take into consideration the last name.
4. Use a common spelling of the name
5. Decide whether you would like to have the name yourself to determine if it's the right fit

I didn't follow most of these rules, but they do make some sense I guess. I am happy with the names I chose even though one of them is becoming really popular with a million different ways to spell it. Ugh!
Did you follow the tips above when naming your child?


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