Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Truth about Organic Food

Many people believe organic foods offer nutritional benefits over inorganic foods, but as Melissa Long reports in today's Health Minute, a new study says that actually may not be the case. Organic food -- pesticide free, better for the environment, and some even say more tasty, but is it more nutritious?

A new study says probably not. The study assessed nutrient differences between organic and conventionally processed foods over the last 50 years, and really didn't find any significant nutrient differences. Clinical nutritionist Cheryl Williams -- who is not affiliated with the study in the Journal of Clinical nutrition -- says, don't let the word "organic" fool you.

There's a number of things consumers should take into account when buying organic products, but if it's just simply because you think it's going to give you more nutrients, that's probably not the best reason. Organic potato chips can have just as much sodium, fat and calories as
conventional ones. Organic chocolate chip cookies -- my patients come in and say, "oh, but I bought it at a certain health food store and it has cane syrup!" Same amount of calories, same amount of fat, same amount of sodium.

Williams also says organic food tends to cost 30-to-50 percent more, so the bottom line is: The choice to buy organics should come down to consumer preference.

I guess it depends on what you consider nutritional benefits. Personally, I think no pesticides is a nutritional benefit. I go in spurts with organic food because of the cost. Sometimes I splurge. Sometimes I don't. If money were no object I would always buy organic milk and produce (at least the produce where you eat the skin.) What organic items do you buy for your family?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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