Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Gardasil Worries

We have talked a lot in the last year about the dangers of Gardasil and whether it's a good idea to give young girls the shot that protects against HPV-which can lead to cervical cancer. It seems more doctors are deciding not to administer it. Here are some comments from readers on their decision whether or not to vaccinate.

"My daughter is 14 and suffering from a severe reaction to the HPV and Meningitis vaccines which she received in October of 2007, three days before her 14th birthday. She had 2 sets of seizures at the time she received the vaccines and now she suffers from chronic joint pain in her knees and periodic numbness on her left side (hand, arm, face, etc.) She has always been an accelerated learner with an outstanding memory and straight A student in honors classes with little effort. She did not have t study often as she picked things up right away when they were introduced to her. After her vaccinations we have noticed a change in her short term memory, it is just not as sharp as it has always been."

"My daughter has had 2 doses of the vaccine and has had no problems. Cervical cancer runs in our family and if there is a remote chance that we can prevent it for her we will. I think the risks in vaccines out weighs the potential outcome."

FROM ABC: The CDC recommends that all girls starting at 11 or 12 years old get vaccinated against cervical cancer. It's a disease that kills four thousand women each year, but now two studies just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association are raising new questions about the safety of this vaccine. ABC’s John Mckenzie has the details in tonight's medical minute. It is a dilemma for millions of parents across the country: Whether to vaccinate their daughters against a sexually transmitted virus, that can cause cervical cancer.

SOT Mother: "This is a difficult decision but we decided to do it (OR) not do it because, etc" Gardasil, a series of three shots, given over six months has been promoted heavily.
“So far, more than 7 million Americans have received Gardasil injections. The study identifies 12–thousand (12,424) medical problems after vaccination most are mild: dizziness, headache, and fainting." But there are more than 700 reports (772) of SERIOUS medical problems, including blood clots, autoimmune disorders... and 32 cases of death.

(Dr. Sarah Feldman) (Brigham & Howard Jones)"These are initial reports. We can't assume a cause and effect relationship as many of these women had other, underlying medical conditions that may have contributed or caused their deaths or adverse outcomes." (Dr. Moritz)"Most doctors I know have stopped giving the vaccine because of questions of safety." As a gynecologist... Dr. Jacques Moritz sees the deadly effects of cervical cancer. He is also... the father of an 11–year–old daughter.

(Dr. Jacques Moritz) (St. Luke's / Roosevelt Hospital) "I have decided not to have her vaccinated." JMK: "Why not? Dr:"Until I know more I just don't think it's worth the risk. Cervical cancer is a terrible disease, but if a woman gets a PAP smear once a year her risk of getting cervical cancer is virtually zero. But I just don't know this vaccine."
Making the decision to vaccinate... all the more difficult, for many parents and pediatricians(Dr. Sarah Feldman) (Brigham & Women's Hospital)"I feel that we don't have enough information or data yet to be able to persuasively say that this will "prevent" cervical cancer."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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