Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Schooling Facts

I got this email from a reader a couple weeks ago and meant to post the answer, but I got side tracked. If any of you home school and would like to share more information, please do so by clicking on comment. Thanks!

"I am sending you this email with the hope of some much needed Facts and Laws In the State of ILLINOIS . Regarding the Subject about Homeschooling . Important Issues Like Where to go for Supplies , Get Study Materials and Know the Requirements . Especially That School Is Right at The Doorstep. :)
I am planning to Home School Starting this Year. This would be a Informative and Interesting but( Mostly Helpful )news Story on your page. I have not found one source with all the Information in one place that I Need . Thank you ."

Hi Julie,

Here are the answers to your questions. This website has most of the information you need. I didn't see anything on where to buy materials so I included the Assoc. of Peoria Area Christian Home educators. They are based in Peoria so they will have the best idea where to get materials for school.

Good Luck to you and let me know if I can do anything else! Jen

Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators (APACHE)
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P.O. Box 5203, Peoria, IL 61601-5203
Phone: (309) 589-1307


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