Monday, August 31, 2009

Dreaded Bed Rest

I am so grateful I didn't get put on all-out bed rest with this pregnancy! With my second, I was in the hospital for two weeks and then on bed rest at home for 6 more weeks. It was dreadful! The hospital stay was so monotonous. I thought I was going to go crazy! I actually looked forward to non-stress tests and going to the bathroom! At least I was doing something! OSF does have people who volunteer their time to help people in antepartum cope with sitting in the same bed for days, weeks or months! I attempted to crochet a blanket after someone took the time to teach me. I failed miserably, but it did take up some time. There was also a lady who came around and did massages/manicures, etc. That was nice! I remember thinking I wish I had a roommate-someone else who was going through the same thing! Did any of you ever go on bed rest?

FROM NBC: Bed rest — it's an unpleasant reality for women with high–risk pregnancies. Some are stuck in the same bed, for months.. But now, one Texas hospital has found a way to make the stay a little more pleasant. Scott Gordon has the details in tonight's medical minute.
Missy Cheatham went to her doctor for what she thought was a routine Exam.(SOT: Missy Cheatham, Patient)"Didn't have a thing packed. Wasn't remotely ready for this. Hadn't wrapped up anything at work."

That was six weeks ago! Pregnant with twin girls, she's been in bed, ever since.(SOT: Missy Cheatham, Patient)"You are in the same room the whole time, so that's been interesting!"
Doctors call it "bedrest."Some women might call it "prison."The same view, out the same window, for weeks on end! T–v gets old, too, so Missy spends hours on her laptop.

(SOT: Missy Cheatham, Patient)"I didn't do much with Facebook before but now I'm on FaceBook a lot!Her story is typical of soon–to–be mothers, ordered to bedrest because of High–risk pregnancies.
(SOT: Angelle Kolle, Nurse)"The sad thing is some of these women who don't usually have depression issues get depressed. Your days become nights. Your nights become days.You're in the bed all the time." So, nurses here at Texas Hospital Heb came up with a plan, a way to keep soon–to–be moms from going stir crazy."

It's called "mommies in waiting."(SOT: Angelle Kolle, Nurse)"We thought, 'What can we do?'"Nurse Angelle Kolle thought, why not come up with a daily activity —Making blankets or baby clothes on one day.
(SOT: Missy Cheatham, Patient)"It's really fun."on other days, massages, even a movie night ...(SOT: Missy Cheatham, Patient)"This program has been really nice because it gives you activities tolook forward to and break up your days."(SOT: Angelle Kolle, Nurse)"They're lonely. They just want someone to visit with, especially ifthey're social." A way to help pass the time and make weeks of bedrest go just a little faster.(sot: Missy Cheatham, Patient)"I've been here six weeks so another two weeks is nothing!"

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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